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At this very sad time for you and your family, the Church community is there to support you.


You will usually talk to a funeral director first, but please feel free to contact Linda the Rector at any time.

There are several options: all our churchyards are open for burials, so you can have a service in church followed by burial in its churchyard.

You may decide that following the service in church, you would prefer to have your loved one’s body cremated: their ashes can also be buried in any of our churchyards.


You may feel that a service in church is not right for you: Linda the Rector would of course be happy to conduct the service at the crematorium if you wish. There is no obligation to then bury the ashes in the churchyard, but you can of course do so if you wish.


Many people choose to have ashes buried in a specific place with a simple memorial stone: it often helps to have somewhere special to visit and lay flowers as you begin to come to terms with your loss.


Whether the funeral service is in church or at the crematorium, we will work with you to make sure that it includes the music, readings and memories that you would wish as a final tribute.