Can I get married in church?

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Weddings, Blessings and Renewal of Vows


Thinking about getting married in one of our churches?

First of all, congratulations! You will have lots to plan, and so much to look forward to.

If you now live in one of the parishes in our Benefice, the law allows you be married here: if not , there are other ways you can qualify. Click here to find out more

If one of you has been married before, please talk to Linda the Rector



Did you know:

  • that it is possible to marry on any day of the week?
  • that you can have a wedding blessing in church following a register office marriage?


Wedding Blessing

This is a service of thanksgiving which can look and feel just like a church marriage service (except that you don’t sign marriage registers as you will have done this already). It is a really good option if you wanted to be married in church, but for some reason that was not possible.


Renewal of Vows

How long have you been married? 10 years, 25, 50, 60? The number doesn’t matter, what is important is that you have reached a point where you want to give thanks for your life together so far, and reaffirm the vows that you made. You can do this in a special service at a time to suit you, as part of a normal Sunday Service, or just privately with the Rector.


For weddings, blessings, and renewal of vows, the first step is to talk to Linda the Rector